Quark Games Is Under New Ownership

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Re: Quark Games Is Under New Ownership

Postby Ulnar » Sun Nov 19, 2017 5:46 am

I have played a number of RTS games and have spent thousands on them literally. I think one of the unique features of Valor is the ever opening worlds. I think it is great to actually win a world and move on to the next. In my opinion that is what is different here and the developers should continue to work on that concept.

The reason I spend money is because I love to compete. I really hate losing and spending some money is necessary to "win" these types of games. The problems with big spending is there is someone who can always spend more. It really amazes me how much some people can spend on these types of games. I was dropping 1-2 thousand per month on MoE and there were those who were spending more! I just could not get over that. So I stopped playing RTS all together. It is crazy how you can get sucked in. When you put that much time and money into a game it is almost like a gambling addiction.

What I would love to see is a pay to play RTS. Not pay to win, pay to play. Quark would have to do some math on the financing but I would like to see a world where it costs $10 per month to play or something similar. I would be all for that. No in game purchases, just the monthly fee. Then it is a matter of skill, time, and cooperating that wins the day.

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