Guidelines for Posting Ideas/Suggestions

Post here any ideas or suggestions you have for improving Valor.
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Guidelines for Posting Ideas/Suggestions

Postby admin » Thu Nov 10, 2011 2:50 pm

Guidelines for Posting Ideas/Suggestions

Note: This is simply a guide to help generate clear and helpful ideas/suggestions. It is not a set of rules or restrictions on idea/suggestion-posting. Following these guidelines will help ensure that your post is read and considered by the forum moderators/PlayMesh team. Not following them will only increase the odds of your post not being considered or possibly deleted.

Follow these steps when posting an idea/suggestion to improve Valor:

1. Be Clear and Concise

Have a title that expresses the idea/suggestion you are trying to propose that can be understood by anyone who uses the Valor forums. Be specific about the idea/suggestion you want to make. Consider how to best communicate the change you want to see happen and what it would take to implement that change. Complete sentences with correct spelling are always smiled upon.

2. Make realistic/worthwhile posts

Though each idea/suggestion made is from the viewpoint of the individual posting it, the idea/suggestion should benefit the entire Valor community. For example, suggesting that all players should start with 500 gold, when you actually would just like more gold, is not being considerate of the balance, mechanics, and overall game play of Valor. Sometimes your post, though it may prove interesting or helpful to all players, may simply be beyond the mechanics of the game. In order, then, to create a worthwhile post, make sure it realistically fits the game’s design.

3. Look for similar ideas/suggestions already posted

Often times the idea/suggestion you are thinking of is already being discussed in our forums. Please do some research on our forums before posting your queries and add new incite to the preexisting thread that matches your idea/suggestion. Duplicate threads only mean more meaningless, tedious work for our moderators.

4. No means no

Whenever a PlayMesh moderator closes an idea/suggestion for discussion, know that their answer response is final and with good reason. The idea/suggestion posted is probably one that has given by a high volume of users, has been addressed by the PlayMesh team, and given a definite response, placing the idea/suggestion into a category of being too unrealistic for the game (for reasons described in the second suggestion). We do not ask that you necessarily agree with these decisions, but we do ask that you respect them when they are made and not create further posts suggesting/enforcing the idea.

Following these steps will help keep our idea/suggestion forums organized and beneficial to you and your Valor community:

  • Make your comments clear and concise.
  • Consider how worthwhile and realistic your posts are to the entire community.
  • Do not duplicate preexisting idea/suggestion posts.
  • If a PlayMesh team moderator says “no,” respect it.

That said, we hope you will submit epic ideas, comments, questions when it comes to our idea/suggestion forum.


The Valor Community Team

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