Slow Typing?

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Slow Typing?

Postby AceDragon » Sat Jun 04, 2016 7:27 am

I will try to explain this the best I can. The account with 1600 cities is on Valor HD the other is on regular Valor. I don't know if it makes a difference.

With 1600 cities (or if you have over say 1000 cities).
If you go to Rally Point - Commands - then start entering coordinates it takes 2 seconds for each number to appear. Kind of like when a computer is running slow you press a button 1 and the number does not show up for 2 seconds.
It does the same thing if you want to write an email to someone in the game
It's slow for entering the recipients name and the subject part
But it's weird because in the body part of it it works normal and is not slow at all.
But it only does it if you have a lot of cites like 1000 plus. I have an account with 1600 cities and it does it. I also have an account with 870 cities and it does not do this.

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