New model; Adding a new twist to resource farming.

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New model; Adding a new twist to resource farming.

Postby LordNobama » Tue Oct 21, 2014 12:37 am

Developers Hear Me!
In the interest of fostering continuous improvement.
And adding new challenges to all Valorian players, I present a new model of map interactivity, resource farming, and the concept of civilian populations training requirements. This is to add a new twist to the basic game model thereby adding complexity designed to recapture the imaginations and interest of those players that may be hitting the dreaded "YAWN POINT", having mastered the existing game mechanics.

1) Map modifications:
Addition of resouce fields: Iron mountains, Clay fields, Forests...
These would be at several levels of production density. Guarded by barbarian troops, to add challenge to the capture for harvesting.
2) Harvesting after military capture would require trained civilians be sent with military escort.
A new civilian version of the Academy (lvl 1-5 novices, lvl 6-10 Apprenticeship, lvl 11-15 Journyman) would be required for the training of civilian harvesters at three levels of training...Novice, Apprentice, and Journeyman. The three levels would have corresponding levels of productivity in the field.
Similar to other buildings, requirements for starting build of the academy would start at lvl10city hall and increment at lvl 15 and 25.
Using the program algorithm for troop build, and nerd acadamy, the new Civilian Resource Corps could easily be incorporated into the game engine, adding LOADS OF ADDITIONAL FUN AND CHALLANGE!!!

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