Beginner Farming Q's

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Beginner Farming Q's

Postby Circilion » Tue Mar 26, 2013 9:51 am


Although I have only started Valor yesterday, I have played a similar game for quite some time and have done some thorough scouring of these valor forums for information. I see that farming is often done with a sizable army, but I have read posts that lead me to believe that early game farming is possible.

1. A barbarian town must be completely cleared of troops for a successful loot?
2. Do barbarian towns regenerate troops comparative to my own low level town?
3. If low level farming is possible, what combination and # of troops are recommended? Lancer/Berserker?
4. In your opinion would the resource commitment to establish early game farming result in a crippling of my economy that would be counter productive?

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Postby Circilion » Tue Mar 26, 2013 4:42 pm

Never mind, I am outta protection and I am farming the bejesus outa my inactive neighbors that have also lost protection.

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Postby MyName999 » Thu Mar 28, 2013 6:33 am

Playing you catch the rules...

Anyway I'll try to answer:

1. To have loot, you must have surviving troops after an attack, so yes, the defender must have been cleared.

2. Barbs regenerates in regular worlds (speed 3-2) about at 5 lancer - 5 sentries - 2/3 bersekers each 30 minutes if I well remember, to hit the max of 150-100-50. The 30 minutes interval is pre-determined by world opening? but not by your first hit; if unlucky the barb can regenerate only couple of minutes after you cleared it.

3. The best unit for farming are knights, due to their high speed and loot, and best survivance to opponent walls than foot soldiers

4. Anytime you farm, you may have an idea of the resources you'll get and on your casulaties. The resources won might ALWAYS be greater than the equivalent resources necessited to recruit the lost troops

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