Knights or Guardians for defense?

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Postby Poisonousdeath » Thu May 16, 2013 4:57 am

DutchDuke wrote:Guardians are the most versatile units without a doubt. They are fast and can get any job done. I use them for quick support, looting and joining siege weapons in attacks. However knights are better at attacking sentries, when you take costs and food consumption into account. Zerks are better at attacking lancers. Lancers and sentries are better for static defense. And lancers, sentries and zerks can be trained at barbs, which shouldn't be neglected.

Nobody can deny guardians have the best stats overall. But this game is about focussing on your goals. If your goal is taking barbs fast, guardians aren't the best units. If your goal is to take out other players fast, guardians aren't the best units either. The only two jobs they excel at is sending support fast and not having to make choices..

It's like saying "Ferrari is better than Ford". It might drive faster, but what do you want to use it for?

Strongly disagree with that comment about Guards taking barbs fast in the early stages if you have guards to work with when capping barbs use them as it will be a lot faster, as an attack unit throwing 3k guards at a city is almost the equivalent of throwing 10k zerks at a city.

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