City location

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City location

Postby JGree » Sat Jul 14, 2012 7:07 pm

I have one city on a fairly new world, world 78. There are no significant cities worth taking in less than 30 min walk time for infantry, 15 min for cavalry, and 1hour and 20 min for troops like rams or scholars. If I go ahead and take another players city, after that I have no good cities above 3000points for at least a 4 hour walk time slow troops, and an hour and a half for calvary.

So, my question is, do I take a smaller city close to me (1hour walk time) or go farther for a better one (4hours walk time)?

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Postby Hiitsmeeeeeee » Sun Jul 15, 2012 2:29 am

Unless you get a second scholar you have to take a close city. If he is 8 hours away (time of there and back) and the loyalty generated in 78 is 3 an hour then you would have to get a perfect scholar hit everytime (he gets 24 loyalty by the time you attack again). Unless you can get 100 perfect scholar hits, you can't take it. If you wait and buy a second scholar you should take the large city. With 2 scholars hitting at 40-50 loyalty, and it only regaining 24 per attack, you take 16-26 loyalty a attack. It may take 2 days to capture, but it is much better than taking a barbarian city.

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Postby Superior1 » Mon Jul 16, 2012 10:19 pm

Ya if your trying to take a city at any large distance the more Scholar waves you have to send the better. But back to your question, if you are really in that bad of an area then scroll the map and find a city in a location that will have more good city's to take. A long move is rough but once your there it's all good.

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