How to best avoid time glitches when launching

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How to best avoid time glitches when launching

Postby MattflegLM » Fri Dec 13, 2013 11:08 pm

How to launch to best and to avoid valor time jump glitches as best possible.

Launch your first attack whether it be a clear or nerds. This will be your timing attack for the next couple of launches until you decide which of the next attacks you want to time off.
You keep the attack you have already launched you are timing against up while you move to the next city you will attack from.
When it is say.... 1 minute from landing look at your valor time and add 1 minute and that is your launch time.
Tap on the enemy city cords showing in attack screen that's up/ tap "send troops"/ select troops and then launch when valor time hits the launch time you worked out above.

Note: when going back to a city to bring up an attack screen swipe the screen down first to refresh or the landing time may be different from when you last checked it.

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