Future health of the game

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Future health of the game

Postby KingOfWhales » Mon Nov 14, 2016 9:02 am

I have been playing Valor since W33 and I love this game, but as this game declines in popularity and more and more people leave, it is clear that there needs to be something done to preserve the health of the game. One of the major problems with the game now is the mega alliances and the imbalanced jump conditions and numbers, as well as players nerd farming themselves into stalemates (I know this will be fixed, but it can't be left out). Half of the worlds I jump into are decided by day one, and that does not make for a fun or healthy game.

To fix this, I think Quark needs to bring back special worlds and play a part in the organization of these worlds. worlds that are organized by Quark and strictly 100v100 or even 50v50 would be very fun for everyone and it would hopefully keep people playing for a long time.

What do others think of this, am I right?

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