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Lore scrolls

Postby Icefiremadness » Sun Nov 11, 2012 12:51 pm

I found 4 of the 6 scrolls, and I thought I'd share them with people who can't send scouts for whatever reason (I only got scout research a few day ago.

My dear Morrow,

On my behalf, please tell the committee of inquiring into unsettling global developments to stuff their slippers up their noses.

I've done it. I'm in a barbarian city. I'm not sure exactly which one, but it doesn't really matter. The point is, the natives do know something about the strange weather patterns and diseased crops. I intend to find out what.

I hope you will join me in my reasearch but I can't wait for you. The work leads me forward. You should have no trouble finding me if you send a scout or two

(Scroll 1 of 6)


I thought you would have been here by now. Ah well. see my notes below.


So far, the two tribes I've observed are obsessed with meditation. The priestesses keep at it all day long, and both villages set aside two hours a day when workouts stop their tasks and join around the central tree.

They seem to consider it a sort of training, though for what I don't yet understand. When I ask, each one gives the same answer:"Cennitas dar sormaea"

I can't translate the phrase with the information I have here, so I am moving on to the next city. But I am cretain the phrase is a key discovery, and I believe it will lead me to the answers I seek. Hopefully morrow will have enough sense to send scouts after me.

(Scroll 2 of 6)


If you’re coming at all, you should hurry. Ill have to claim sole authorship of this treatise. Cant site a scholar for research he hasn’t done.


The priestess in this city knows a little paladin. She’s been helping me expand my rudimentary knowledge of the barb language. It is easier than i has hoped, and may be able o translate the phrase soon.

IToday i discovered a fascinating obelisk. Its sits sides re engraved with what appears to be star charts. I recognize several constellations: the throne, the wheel. Except, it appears old, thousands of years old.

I must be wrong. If it dated so far back, the stars would have been in completely different positions. It m8st be recent. And yet...

(scroll 3 of 6)


Don’t have much hope ay this point that you’ll find me. Are you still looking? Even if he project wasn’t enough to excite you, I’d have thought our friendship would count for something.


Still no luck with the translation. A am starting to think they are mocking me. “Cennitas dar sormaea.” Perhaps it means nothing more than “go away old man.”

But there are greater concerns. The Barbs been giving me strange looks. The priestess has been helpful as usual, but the soldiers... They whisper about me when I pass by. I fear this mission might be getting more dangerous. But what can I do. Press on.

(Scroll 4 of 6)

If you have the others, feel free to post them here, from what I heard the last ones are super rare

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