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Aurora: Vision 5

Postby Aurora » Tue Nov 06, 2012 10:38 am

There is always another world to conquer.


I gazed into a pool of clear water. Instead of my face, the pool reflected a single blossom on the world tree. I saw the stunted petals, the barren surface of the planet. This was a new world. The Time of Trials had come.

Ripples blurred the image, and when it cleared again, the world loomed larger, regions spread before my eyes. I could see cities and their realms of influence, Paladin and Barbarian, mapped out in splashes of shape and color.

The pool rippled again. Closer still. I looked down on a single region. There were armies marching in long trails from city to city, bringing destruction and rescue by turns. The men looked harried, their movements urgent. They marched to conquer or die.

It was still the early days of the young world. Allegiances were just solidifying. The lines of dominance were slowly drawn, lord to lord, guild to guild. Already there were a few who stood above the rest.

I saw one guild form under the banner a single lord. From the beginning their eyes were set on immediate conquest. They hunted cities like a pack: moving as one, surrounding their targets, driving their prey. Ruthlessness compelled them. Soon they were the clear power to be reckoned with.

But all over the world, other guilds were gathering their forces, weeding out the weaker lords, consolidating their strength.

The first guild was soon beset by enemies on every side. Sweet words of opulence whispered in their ears, telling them diplomacy was the way to save themselves. But they did not give into the temptation.

They chose to fight. And they relished it. They tasted the joy of ultimate risk wagered on the chance of ultimate reward.

The wars came. The slaughter was devastating, the betrayals numerous, the heroes abundant. I saw many crowns rise from the ground, to light on spirits living and dead, following them through to the next life. I saw blood, and I saw glory.

When the last of the armies fell, my breath caught in amazement. For I saw something that had never happened before in all the worlds I have seen on the tree. That first guild I had seen emerged triumphant above them all. Their lord ascended marble steps to take his seat on a throne that blazed golden like the sun. At last, all the warring kingdoms were united under one rule. We had an Emperor.

The image of the great throne room shimmered on the surface of the pool. I watched the conqueror rest in the light of his victory. I waited to see what he would do next. Now he would show what he was truly made of.

The Emperor took a long moment to survey the people of his guild kneeling before him to swear their allegiance. Then he drew his sword. He turned the blade towards himself. And he fell on the weapon that had won him an entire world.

The water rippled one last time, and the image faded, leaving me looking at my own reflection.

All hail the true spirits of the world tree. The ones who conquer, not to bask in their own supremacy, but only to rise higher. They would rather be born again to face a new trial, to experience the next stage of purification. They know that nothing matters except moving towards Valor.

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Postby Bone Clothes » Tue Nov 06, 2012 1:12 pm


It seems we are being shamed into abandoning old worlds if we do well, and being encouraged to fight on even if we are forced to restart. So what changes are being hinted at which would spur or force such behavior?

This vision seems to take place on one world, living and dead both gain crowns that follow them through to the next life. But the next life is not on a new world.

The powerhouse guild that emerged early wagers ultimate risk on the chance of ultimate reward. Unless I am mistaken there is currently no reward, except the chance to bask in your own supremacy. Is moving to experience the next stage of purification the reward? Does that mean only someone with enough glory can move to the next stage? If so does this Emperor carry anything with him? After all Valahand may talk a big talk of purification, stripping away chains and shackles, leaving everything behind, but he carries those scars with him, and by those scars we know him, and gain a glimpse of a world past. And PwnLaw may champion the joys of permadeath, but he presented joe657 with an item that can't be lost, 1 gold.

What change would encourage people to play even if they have no hope of becoming Emperor, as Aurora saw in her vision, the victor often emerges early on, before the real blood spills. And what could encourage people to race to the head of a suicide line. And yes I know the answer is Valor, but I clicked install so I got that.

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Postby Greyhigh » Tue Nov 06, 2012 2:42 pm

Interesting. I believe I get WHO she is talking about, I just don't understand what the change will be. It seems the vision is about the strongest of players who conquer early on, but as soon as they are on top for a short while, they leave and join new worlds to keep the excitement going of those early world wars.

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Postby 3170n13 » Tue Nov 06, 2012 7:34 pm

There will be a winner for worlds. The rest is just fluffy nonsense ;-)

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Postby Dieformason » Tue Nov 06, 2012 7:38 pm

3170n13 wrote:There will be a winner for worlds. The rest is just fluffy nonsense ;-)

Winners yes of course but the real question is...what do they win...

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Postby Bobostl » Tue Nov 06, 2012 8:02 pm

Dieformason wrote:Winners yes of course but the real question is...what do they win...

Eternal virginity

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Postby TheHeartlessKiller » Tue Nov 06, 2012 8:08 pm

Well clearly everyone over thinks the lore. This is self explanatory. And the part about being born again is A. Restarting, or B. Joining new worlds. These visions give away nothing. We know all of this already! The Emperor is clearly the leader of the sixths from Star Wars! Surely somebody must know that?! But on a serious note, the emperor is the leader of the guild that comes out on top. He falls on his blade (killing himself?) when he abandons the world because he has nothing more to do or kill?

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Postby Dieformason » Tue Nov 06, 2012 8:45 pm

Bobostl wrote:Eternal virginity

Cant lose what you dont have right?

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Postby Vrailis » Tue Nov 06, 2012 9:06 pm

I don't understand.

Aurora's visions are narrow and simple. She assumes that all champions of the World Tree are after one thing: conquest. She believes that we value honor and glory more then all else; that alliance and progression exists purely to further the selfish ends of our own indifferent agendas. This is vain and cruel and purposeless.

There are some of us, weak in constitution and few in number, who do not subject themselves to the cruel Darwinian nature of Valor. We fight not to conquor and cull, but to establish peace and prosperity across the multiverse. We dream not of seeing our names on the leaderboards or admiring a vast list of thriving cities, but playing in a world where the success of a man's empire depends on the strength of his will rather then the edge on his sword. Let prosperity come upon the one who strives in honest labor to build up his citadel, rather then those who would malevolently seek to steal them away through bloodshed and war.

This 'Emperor' Aurora speaks of is a fool. He took a virgin world in his bare hands and was given an unprecedented opportunity to establish peace and order in a land marred with chaos and death. He forsook the true, noble purpose of his conquest for mindless, meaningless ambition.

Let the demons descend into this mysterious all-haven of 'Valor.' The true fight has yet to be won.

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Postby Danielstorm » Tue Nov 06, 2012 9:07 pm

I am constantly hearing from guys joining the next worlds for the gold! I have joined many, and not gotten 1.... is it because I buy? Anyway they folks then abandon the new world and play in their favorite one, or te one where theyhave the most power...

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