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Valor for Dummies

Postby Benfrom300 » Fri Feb 01, 2013 7:46 pm

*Troop Guide

There's always a lot of talk about which soldier to use in which situation, which soldier to build, etc. this will be a comprehensive guide meant to inform anyone unsure, as to which soldier you should build as well as busting myths about some unit types.

First things first. Attack.*

This is a war game and in order to survive you must be aggressive (while still thinking, aggression, not blind rage). Dormancy does nothing but help you build up your enemy.

So. Which units are best for attack? That depends. If you want blunt force, have a need to wipe out your enemies vast army the highest attack force you have is the berserker. Per population your berserker has an attack strangth of 50. Next is the knight who has an attack strength per 1 population(uses 3 pop to train 1) of 36.6, then the guardian who has a 28.7. So if you have time to send a slower moving berserker, and a need for high damage your berserker is the way to go. Mass build and destroy.

Next is Defense against infantry.

If you want an army in a city that will stop any foot troop force without fail your best option is your sentry. He has an infantry defense of 65/population which is nearly DOUBLE of any other unit. The guardian is next closest at 35/population. The guardians overall Infantry Defense number is 140, but it takes 4 population to make a single guardian which makes his per population score lower. This is a game of numbers, use your farm wisely. However if you find a need to send a good Infantry Defense and you don't have much time the guard is almost twice as fast as the sentry so he's a good choice for that situation when time is of the essence.

Next is Calvary Defense.

When you think your enemy is sending a large force of guardians or knights at your city your best option to stop the attack: The Lancer has a cavalry defense Of 50/population. The next closest unit is the guardian who is at 27.5/pop. However, like the sentry your lancer is very slow moving so when time is of the essence guards can still get the job done.

Versatility is something that must be thought of when building an army because you never know what will be sent at you, or how much time you'll have to mobilize against an incoming attack. By far the most versatile unit is the guardian. Lots of players think the guardian is the only soldier needed, this is dead wrong. His attack is the third highest so it's mediocre. His 2 defenses are both second best so again mediocre. However the fact that the guardian is in the top 3 on attack, Calvary Defense, and Infantry Defense while still being only 1 minute/unit shy of being the fastest soldier is a large boost to his overall score, making him a valuable link in any chain. The next unit in line of versatility is the knight. The knight has the second best Attack, 4th best Infantry Defense, and 4th best Calvary defense. However, he is also the fastest unit, and has by FAR the most loot carry capabilities.

The simulator is a huge tool that should be used before any attack. It can mean the difference in winning and losing a battle. Remember a guardian takes 4 population to make while lancers, sentries, and berserkers take 1, so 5,000 guardians equals 20,000 of the barracks units.

With a wall level 25 here are some battle results from the simulator( I did not factor rams so it demonstrates both the need for them as well as the capability of a good defense).

5,000 guards attacking a defense of 5,000 guards fails and the defense only loses 2,317 guards. Whereas the same defense being hit by 20,000 berserkers loses 3,168 of its guardians.

5,000 guards attacking 20,000 lancers fails and the defense loses only 25% of its numbers, 5,104. While 20,000 berserkers drops the defense by 17,732.

5,000 guards attacking 20,000 sentries drops the defense by 10,196 while 20,000 berserkers drops the defense by only 6,830.

These numbers show how important it is to send the correct soldier (scout before you attack) while also knowing that sending 20,000 berserkers does not guarantee a victory.

So in closing just remember to think before you attack, make a large army of multiple unit types( usually 1-2 types per city), and simulate your battles before you fight them. Follow those guidelines and you'll go far, don't, and you won't.

Importance of Rams

A wall bolsters a Defenses capabilities and a wall of 25 can completely crush an opposing force with ease. Rams bring them down.

Sticking with a 20,000 population for your army a defense with 5000 guardians and a 25 wall is almost untouchable.

20,000 berserkers with no rams would only kill 3,168 guardians.

18,400 berserkers with 400 rams would knock the wall to level 17 and kill 3662 guardians.

16,800 berserkers with 800 rams would knock the wall from 25 to 8, and kill 3,667 guardians.

16,000 berserkers with 1,000 rams would knock the wall from 25 to 5, and kill 3,503 guards.

Notice that the attack with 800 rams was the most efficient, as any more than that and you're losing attack power while doing not much more damage to the wall. An attack with 800 rams is ideal because of this. expect your target to get support from guild mates aswell.

Rams VS. Ballista

When deciding to use rams or balistas you have to think about what you want to accomplish. Are you invading a city to conquer it? or are you trying to negate a players city during a war? If conquering you'll want to use primarily rams. When at war, rams are still needed for walls, but balistas are a tool that can devastate a player and render his city useless.

If a player has 15,600 berserkers and 400 balistas attack a level 25 wall with 5,000 guardians he'll lose and knock the wall to level 20. Replace the balistas with rams and the wall would have dropped to 17. So the rams are better for knocking down a wall, but a balista can target the wall, aswell as any other building in the city with the exception of the hiding place.

During a war, one guild is usually on the offensive and will throw everything they have at the opposing guild. The guild on the defensive usually bolsters their defense to withstand the attacks, once the aggressor has used all the attacks it can( if the defender is still alive), the defender will go on the offensive and try to take cities from the guild. A nice way to win a war is ensure that if you do exhaust your offensive soldiers that the defender will be unable to retaliate before you are able to build more soldiers to attack again. The best way to accomplish that goal is by employing Ballistas.

I played on a couple worlds ranging from 18-110 and in there I was once the focus of a guild war between my 10 million point guild, and an aggressive 8 million point guild. I angered them by conquering a 43k city in a small brother guild and they responded with open war. During a 72 hour onslaught my kill score defense went from 0 to 1.5 million. And I didn't lose a single city! But I was rendered useless in the war. The attackers used ballista after ballista. My 5 biggest cities were hit by 4+ waves of ballistas and when it was over my farms in the cities were at level 0. No farm = no wall building/no army/no growth which = a sitting duck. Moral of the story? Know the use of ballistas, and hit your enemy where it hurts. It took me nearly 14 days to rebuild and gather an army again. Nearly a full month before I was war ready again.

However of you're serious about conquering a city, and not just crushing someone during war, rams are the most efficient of the 2, because whatever you tear down you'll have to rebuild.

any questions, comments, feedback is appreciated and i will answer questions asap as i will subscribe to this post, happy hunting valords and valadys.

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Postby Superior1 » Fri Feb 01, 2013 9:29 pm

This is an informative post. I am the type that only uses Guardians. As you said they are the most versitle troop. However in early game it is important to use a variety of troops as Guardians are also the most expensive troop. So noting that different troop types are essential depending on what stage of a world one is at is an important key to all this. As for rams and Ballistas, I believe they are more of a back up tool. In a real all out war they are quite handy but in normal situations they do as much damage to ones self as they do the enemy. Destroy ones wall before conquer ok but then you conquer and now your the one without a wall. Balliastas are fun to use when wanting to make a statement, And they really do when used as you stated they were against you.

To wrap it up, as you said Valor is a numbers game so do the math.

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Postby Kingjason666 » Fri Feb 01, 2013 10:55 pm

That's great research we had a mad scientist that did all that sort of research in w14. And we listened to him and stand above everyone waiting for valor to close the world.

U need to think about what sort of city u want to build. As building too many types of troops leaves u in the middle of everything and not enough attack or def power.

Personally I'm not a person that uses rams or balliastas unless I'm just being nasty. As I don't see the point in destroying a city I am going to conq and have to rebuild. And if u can conq a city with walls up its much easier to defend it.

Great work Ben this sort of info is what guildmasters are great for- helping others

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Postby DarkAuthority » Sat Feb 02, 2013 4:35 pm

Thank you very much for making more people learn how to play, now it will be more fun playing since I hate taking cities so fast and I would like to have a harder time in getting my cities since it makes me feel that I actually accomplished something and no just taken another barb.

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Postby Aldrnarin » Mon Feb 18, 2013 10:34 am

Personally i keep 1000 guards in each city (new standard worlds), the rest scouts and infantry. Lvl 25 wall is SO useful, as it nearly trebels your defence strength, so aim for that quickly as possible

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