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Competitions FAQ

Postby starhammer » Thu May 31, 2012 5:46 pm

Q: What are Competitions?

A: Competitions are in-game events where you compete with other players for prizes. There are a variety of different Competition types including battles for the highest gain in Kill Score (KSA), the highest gain in Points, the highest total amount of resources hauled and the highest total amount of resources spent.

Q: How are scores determined in Competitions?

A: Each of the different Competition types is scored within a specified time period. For example, if you are competing in a “Power to the Points” Competition where you are seeking to gain the most points, only points gained during the Competition will count toward your total. Points gained prior to the Competition or Points gained after the Competition has concluded will not count toward your total or influence your ranking.

Q: How do I view open Competitions?

A: You’ll notice a new building in your city, the Competitions building. This building has been automatically added to your city and it is not upgradeable.

By entering that building, you can browse a list of open Competitions (as well as those that have recently ended). An open Competition will display its end time so that you know exactly how much time you have before it concludes.

You can also click on the Medals tab on the left hand side of the screen to admire the Medals that you have won in previous Competitions and see those that you have yet to earn.

Q: How do I enter an open Competition?

A: If you are on a World with an active Competition, you are automatically eligible. There is no need to register in order to compete.

Q: How do I view my progress in a Competition?

A: Enter the Competitions building and locate the Competition. Underneath the title is a details box that shows the top prize as well as your current position in the rankings. Click on the details box to visit the full rankings and you can see where players stack up against each other as well as the prizes associated with each spot. Clicking on the “i” information button next to a player name will show that players details, cities and Medals.

Q: What can I win by participating in Competitions?

A: By participating in Competitions, you have the chance to win Gold and Medals. Medals are for bragging rights. They are awards that mark your accomplishments in Competitions. For example, placing in the top 100 in a “Battle Frenzy” Competition would earn you the gold “Battle Baron” Medal.

Prizes are awarded to winners in a tiered structure. What this means is that players in the top 10 spots of a Competition will win a Gold and a Medal, players in spots 11-100 will win a different amount of Gold and a different Medal, and so forth. Placing higher in the rankings of a Competitions will get you more Gold and more prestigious Medals.

Q: When can I expect Competitions to start on my World?

A: Competitions will kick off on World 73 on Monday, June 4th at Noon (Pacific). Subsequent new Worlds will have Competitions upon World close (within the first week of their opening, give or take). Meanwhile, we will then gradually roll out Competitions to the other Worlds.

Q: Once Competitions begin on my World, how often are they held?

A: Competitions of each type are held at regular intervals within each World. If you are in a World where Competitions are active, you will receive notifications when they are about to begin.
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