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Game State

Postby Kakashi69 » Sun Dec 27, 2015 9:34 am

The game state of Valor could be updated via very small changes. Have you ever heard of a game called TribalWars? This game is extremely similar except the fact of the speed and in game interfaces. I believe that if you guys at Quark did your homework on a game as TribalWars you guys could ramp the community back up to what you want it to be and make this game very successful. I'm not saying copying everything but just certain additions that would make everything easier for users in game examples being.
:Easier village coordination i.e let us group villages into groupings
:Make farming scripts or farming interface to where we can determine a set amount we want to farm with save it under a button and just click an abandoned village and select for example A which would auto send a pre determined set amount of units.
:I understand due to your servers of the limit of attacks and defenses on a village but comeon that is child's play there should not be a set amount of attacks or defenses one can have on any certain village.
:just a suggestion on world's to bring in more people make speed world's to where the speed is for example 100x the speed of a regular world this would make the world's last only 24 hours Give or take with a 24 hour break in between world's with a certain objective there are multiple win conditions from most points to everyone not being able to cap and having to ballista each other person with the his highest point village at the end of 8 hours wins. This will increase profits and provide a whole new door for gamers to join the community.
:For more newer players joining a legacy can be difficult as they don't know what they are doing I suggest having a world to where newer players can have the option to join after there last city is capped to where they can keep there last city join the world and there are point restrictions on attacking i.e a 300 player can't just take over a 10k players village makes it more noob friendly and makes the world last longer with a way Bigger world for more excitement.

There are many possibilities for this game it is not dead as there are very few games like this on mobile but the developers at Quark need to worry more on survivAL of the game and less on the linings of there pockets.

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Re: Game State

Postby Kairen » Wed Jul 06, 2016 12:21 am

At least in regard to the amount of troop commanders allowed and attacks sent to each city-that was lowered because of an exploit known as chaos. Chaos meant you could send your attacks and then follow with enough fakes that your enemy could not send more attacks to it in order to retake the city once the city was capped until those already sent had landed. They limited the outgoing allowance, put an attacking guild and player cap on incoming per city, and (if I remember correctly) raised the chaos amount to where it would be highly unlikely to be able to exploit chaos again. They are also unlikely to release those limitations for said reason. I could always be wrong though.

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Re: Game State

Postby BenTheWicked » Wed Jul 06, 2016 11:49 am

I will download TribalWars when I have a chance. Also, I like many of those ideas. There are a few things that we can't implement at this time due to resource limitations. However, I will bounce those ideas off my lead developer and see what we can start implementing.

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