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Thread: Troop speed ups

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    Troop speed ups

    Kinda like building speedups except its for troops

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    I agree with you, speed ups should be able to be used for both building AND troop production...which includes scholars

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    I disagree. This would unbalance the game too much.

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    I also disagree. This idea has been brought up before and was dismissed for this reason I believe. If you're attacking a city, and you clear it, but when your scholars reached it, they're all killed because of troops gotten through speed-ups, how would you like that? Yes, I know timing fixes the issue. Yes, I know guilds may support. But here's this idea too. For paying players, they could have a devastating army within minutes due to timing, speed-ups, and resource buying. And I do sympathize and understand where you're coming from as I once had the same wish. But from the above mentioned I dissuaded myself from it.

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    Not exsactly what i ment kinda like u speed up there travel time

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    Oh. Still against it though for same reasoning. A paying player could cap a city almost instantly. Plus how'd you like it if you had 10 hours to prepare for an attack but then it suddenly dropped to 2 hours

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    That would suck but at the same time it wiuld make it more exciting

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    Then the game would be even more unfair for those who don't have the money to buy speed ups. Pay to win will ruin a game.

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    I agree with fire820 and mosser it's good idea and that but still it's bit unfair

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    This would make it so unfair for people in a guild war vs a paying guild

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